4 comments on “Baby Carriers: Even harder to land a jet on than the carrier in Top Gun for NES

  1. My youngest is about to have our first grandkid, and I remember going through something like this 35 years ago with my oldest only with far fewer options. We eventually went with a backpack baby seat where the kid could face either way, but it didn’t work well either way and the kid squirmed constantly. Also the combination was heavy (the carrier weighed almost as much as the kid) and backpacker and ex-boyscout Daddy was elected to carry the danged thing.

    • D’oh! I think the variety available today is nice, but can definitely be a little overwhelming. I’m also anticipating it will be me doing most of the carrying, so I have a vested interest in figuring this stuff out. I can’t even argue, because my wife already carried him full-time for 9 months, and I have no doubt that she will bring that up if I complain. Thanks for reading and commenting! Congrats on the grandbaby, too.

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