6 comments on “Growing boy!

  1. Glad everything is going so well for you guys! Both my babies were late, and both great eaters right away, and also both gained about a lb a week for the first few months. Nate (5 weeks) is already out growing the 3month onesies. Giant baby.

    Thanks for mentioning the WHO charts. People with small breast fed babies get bullied into formula all the time because the docs use the wrong charts. I have 3 friends who are constantly worried because of their bf babies slow weight gain. One was told her child was failure to thrive. On the WHO charts baby was 20% and has a nice curve going. I think its bull shit how the doctors are mis educated on breast feeding and give such bad advice.

    As for sleeping through the night… good luck with that. I suggest the no cry sleep solution for when he gets older BUT Ellie was not ready to move out of our room and night wean to sttn until 11 months… I am pretty sure the Webber baby still does not sttn. The good news is (if you co sleep) wifey can do the boob and roll and miss out on less sleep than bottle fed babies. We co sleep (bed share) and use a co sleeper. Depends how tired I am if he makes it back into the co-sleeper or not!

    Good job on the baby growing 🙂 Cute little dude.

    • Our doc was great about telling us right up front that breastfed babies tend to grow a little slower, and that he wouldn’t be worried at all unless Gryff really wasn’t gaining at all. They use the WHO charts at the office, and explained the differences to us and all. They’re really awesome.

      I’m not worried about him sleeping through any time soon. Jenna stays home, so she can take a nap with him during the day if she’s really tired, and I run just fine on relatively little sleep. Eventually we’ll worry about it, but probably not for a long time. Right now his only job is to eat and sleep and grow, and we’re doing everything we can to help make sure we’re supporting him in those endeavors.

      We’ve been co-sleeping with him, but just have him in the bed next to Jenna for now. We were looking into the bed-level cosleepers but for right now it doesn’t seem like we need to change anything. When the time comes, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, though. There are a lot out there and I’m sure not all are created equal. Thanks!

  2. or maybe it could be that your wife is a tiny little thing and you’re a freakishly tall neanderthal and your kid is trying to make up the difference. 🙂

    Also, I find it precious that your kid has low-rider diapers. or at least that’s how it looks when the crotch of the diaper is at his knees.

    • He’s definitely trying to catch up! I was born at 9 lbs 3 oz, so he’s just now getting to where I started, but I was a really chubby baby and he’s pretty lean. My parents brought over some of my baby pictures and I was a seriously chunky dude. I’ll have to scan some in and post them side by side with some of our pics of Gryff.

      The cloth diapers are just super bulky, which is super cute, but also a little inconvenient. If we want to fit clothes on him while he’s wearing them, we have to put him in stuff that’s way too big and then he gets his arms lost and gets mad. He’s very particular about being able to flail and/or gnaw his hands.

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