4 comments on “Why I Don’t Like Dad Books

  1. I think you should find some good dad resources that aren’t condescending. The Sears books are more geared toward just being informative and they assume the dad is an active and excited participant. But the just for guys books do tend to be for the guys who freak out about the very idea of fatherhood.

    • That’s a good idea! I’ll start compiling a list of books/blogs/videos that don’t act like your baby’s primary function is to screw up your bowling league schedule. Should be fun!

  2. You’re spot on, but moreover what bothers me is the impression that men are idiots, or haven’t thought about baby-related things before, or need to ‘learn’ from absolute zero. The eyebrow lifting I get whenever the notion of changing a baby’s diaper fits in here, and when I hear the words “are you gonna be prepared for that!? hehh?” as if the notion of a diaper is alien to a man. It’s just shit, and I’ve dealt with plenty of it.

    • Totally! I absolutely hate that whole notion of men being intellectually incapable of dealing with baby things. I never changed a diaper before I changed Gryff’s first one, and I figured it out pretty quickly. Open diaper. Make dirty butt clean. Reapply fresh diaper. It takes you maybe half a dozen before the average diaper is no longer new and exciting. Now mind you, that first diaper was pretty horrifying, just from a “That came out of my baby?!” standpoint. If you haven’t been warned about meconium, you might think your baby is afflicted with demon-butt. But even so, you just get that junk off there and put a new one on him. Why the women of the world seem to think men won’t be able to handle that is beyond me. Unless maybe it’s a clever campaign by the menfolk to get out of having to change diapers? “Oh man, this is so hard and I’m so stupid and I’ll probably just make a mess. Can you take care of this while I watch sportsgames and drink brewskis, honey?”

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