2 comments on “A Couple Early Reviews

  1. We like huggies pure and natural too as our disposable diaper. You might stop using your wipes and just use water for a bit. I know E is allergic to pampers and kirkland brand. Kirkland gives E bad eczema on her bum. All brands of wipes, even huggies natural have chemical nasties like phalates. Huggies just got a “new formula” and added them! Its kind of BS. SO we use huggies for the toddler poop (so we can throw them away) and cloth wipes in a solution of water, almond oil, lavender and melaleuca essential oil. It works well and no rashes 🙂 Good luck!

    • Thanks! Seems like he’s getting better with a mixture of disposables with Desitin overnight, cloth with CJ’s BUTTer during the day, and a mix of disposable wipes and cloth wipes moistened with warm water. We have succeeded in making his butt much less pink, but due to our methods we still have no idea which of the things actually helped. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get more opportunities to experiment on him in the future.

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